10 answers to your questions

On this page you will find answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about sea fishing at and around Levanto. Fishing Charter 5 Terre is always available to answer to everyone!

  • What is the best time of the year for offshore sea fishing?

    Offshore sea fishing in Liguria, which aims to catch big predators, can be practiced both by trolling and with natural bait (chumming). The best season for trolling, especially if you are looking for spearfish, is the beginning of summer, while tuna fishing can be practiced with good results from late spring until late summer.

  • What are the ideal weather conditions?

    There is no perfect weather condition for sea fishing. Each type of technique has its own preferable moment and weather condition. We can certainly note that weather conditions are fundamental for all sea fishing activities, both sporting and professional. Certain weather and sea conditions, for example, can significantly influence the success of a sea fishing trip. Furthermore, in addition to the weather forecast, the activity of the fish is strongly influenced by the alternation of the night-day phases and by the movements of the tides.

  • What are the best times of day?

    Some fishing techniques are best applied at the first light of dawn, while for others the best hours are the hottest ones. In general, fish are very active before sunrise and just after sunset, when food is plentiful. In the middle of the day, when the sun is at its peak, many fish retreat to cooler, deeper water.

  • When can I book a trip to sea with the fishing charter?

    Fishing trip with the Liguria Fishing Charter 5 Terre are organized during every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) from spring to late autumn. To book a boat trip, just write to Alessandro from the contact page to be informed about his availability.

  • What are the fishing itineraries planned?

    It all depends on the choice of the type of sea fishing you want to practice! We can choose inshore fishing itineraries together, where, for example, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view that the eastern coast offers. Alternatively we will organize real offshore sea fishing trips, where, further out, the 5 Terre will frame our view.

  • Where is the fishing charter moored?

    The fishing charter 5 Terre is moored all year round at Levanto in the port of Villasanta, easily reachable by foot once you arrive in town.

  • How do you reach Levanto?

    You can reach Levanto both by car and by train. If you will be using the car, take the A12 highway (Genova - Livorno) and exit at the Carrodano/Levanto toll booth. At the highway exit continue for 12 km to Levanto. If you intend to use the train, Levanto is well served by long-distance trains, Intercity and regional trains on the Genova - La Spezia railway route.

  • How long does a sea fishing trip last?

    You can decide the duration of the fishing trip based on your needs and my advices. If you want to practice a light fishing technique, we can organize short trips lasting 2 or 3 hours. If, however, you choose more demanding techniques, such as tuna fishing, live trolling or deep fishing, I recommend you choose a fishing trip lasting at least 5 hours.

  • What sea fishing techniques are practiced?

    On board of Fishing Charter 5 Terre the following types of sea fishing are mainly practiced: tuna drifting, live trolling, deep sea trolling, light, medium and deep bottom fishing, as well as cephalopod fishing.

  • What types of fish can I catch in the sea?

    During a fishing trip on board of Fishing Charter 5 Terre you will have the opportunity to catch the most different kind of fish, typically present on the waters of Liguria such as: bluefin tuna, amberjack, snapper, seabream, hake, mostella, the spearfish, the dolphin fish, the gurnard, the scorpion fish, the dogfish, the mackerel, the horse mackerel and other minor species.

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