Sea fishing techniques

Aboard Fishing Charter 5 Terre, the fishing charter in Liguria, we will have fun practicing all sea fishing techniques. From late spring to late fall, not excluding the colder periods under the holidays (if the weather is nice), funny fishing trips will make you a true protagonist in the beautiful setting of Levanto and the 5 Terre seen from the sea!

Tuna fishing

Tuna chumming fishing is the main fishing technique for catching bluefin tuna, and in Liguria it is practiced from late spring until early winter on water depth between 90 and 180 meters. Bluefin tuna came back to populate the Ligurian Sea in abundance, and although the law mandates catch-and-release throughout the year, during the months of June (starting mid-month) and July it is possible to keep one fish (over 30 kg) per day.

Sea fishing techniques for big catches

With the power chumming technique, in addition to tuna (which remains the main target), large dolphinfish, skipjack tuna, albacore, blue sharks, mako sharks, thresher sharks, and swordfish can be caught. Equipment consists of 30- to 50-pound power rods, 50-pound reels, and lines with average breaking loads around 80 pounds. By carrying out "stand-up" fights with this equipment, it is possible to have fun catching medium-sized fish such as tuna ranging in weight from 30 to 80 kg, although it is not unusual to catch tunas over 100 kg.

Live bait trolling

Technique practiced throughout the year with which predators such as snapper, walleye, and amberjack are sought, and sometimes also barracuda, bluefish, and not infrequently, in the early spring period, bluefin tuna. Occasional catches in our areas for this type of technique are grouper and sea bass. Although it can be practiced year-round, live bait trolling offers the best results in the fall period. In fact, it is precisely in the fall that it is easiest to bait cuttlefish, which are the best and most attracting bait, while during the year more classic baits such as garfish, horse mackerel, and mackerel are used.

Deep sea fishing

Very fun technique that, thanks to the steep expirations of our seabed, can be practiced throughout the year not far from the coast. With deep sea fishing we can fish on medium depths (between 100 and 200 meters) and with light equipment we will catch hake, gurnard redfish and all those fish that inhabit the mid-depth. Challenging the great depths with heavier equipment, on the other hand (up to and over 400 meters), we will look for bigeye, more rarely for scabbardfish, and occasionally for deep-sea groupers.

Squid fishing

In the late fall and winter months, you can have fun fishing for squids that pull over when the waters begin to cool. With light equipment we will practice eging fishing (during daylight hours), aimed mainly at cuttlefish. At light changes and in the early hours of the night, however, we will fish for squid, either by tataki or trolling. Cephalopod fishing, in addition to being technically interesting and a valuable diversion, offers the possibility of finding excellent bait for live trolling.

Other sea fishing techniques

The sea fishing techniques I have described on this page are the ones I practice most in all seasons. However, if you are interested in trying other sea fishing techniques, we can arrange alternative fishing trips and according to your specific requests. We can, for example, fish with inshore deep fishing, light drifting, fake bait trolling, spinning and much more!

Fishing charter in Liguria, for a sea adventure you will never forget.