Who I am

Sea fishing what a passion!

Fishing Charter 5 Terre is the crowning achievement of a dream! My great passion for the sea allows me to guarantee great fishing trips to guests on the boat in the wonderful area of Levanto and 5 Terre, appreciated in Italy and all over the world by national and international "big gamers."

Since childhood, I have always been passionate in sea fishing. The sea has always fascinated me and I used to observe the behaviors of the creatures that inhabit it. Over time, my passion for boat fishing led me to purchase a small fiberglass fishing boat so that I could explore the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. During fishing trips, I had the opportunity to meet great fishermen with whom I was able exchange opinions and learn a lot from them. So I started an activity that would allow me to meet new people with whom I could share sea fishing trips while spending pleasant days together.

To clients and friends I like to offer a "tailor-made" boat fishing experience. Today I have the opportunity to be found online by all fisherman who want to share experiences and emotions, with the right attitude to experience the sea together. Fishing trips in the beautiful sea of Levanto and the 5 Terre last on average 5/6 hours, or less, depending on the technique, the distance of the chosen spot and basing on your needs.

I can arrange boat trips with maximum flexibility, asking you not to take more than one friend with you (2 guests + the captain is the best number of passengers). I can help experts in "big game" and deep-sea fishing but also tourists, the curious and less experienced fishermen who want to have fun. For the next fishing trip, only you are missing!

Alexander Crossbow